Nomad Art Bus delivers more than smiles

- Park a bus at school, give all the children paintbrushes, and you have art class gone wild.

"Look I'm going to make a huge heart," exclaimed a happy student at Pasadena Fundamental School in St. Petersburg.

This a 34-foot-long canvas of joy.  The Nomad Art Bus, as it's called, goes to schools and neighborhoods around the Bay Area to boost creative expression. Local artists volunteer their time.

"We're really concerned about making sure that art is something that everyone has access to," Nomad Art Bus volunteer Sara Norine said.

It's also a way to bring communities closer together.

"You're forced to collaborate, you're forced to interact with your neighbors as you make your marks," Norine continued.

There are other benefits too.

"I feel like it that it brings out the creativity within them and the expression of it makes them feel happy," a teacher from the school said.

The paint washes off the bus so the next place they go has a clean canvas to work with.

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