Now retired, lieutenant colonel still helping soldiers

- Heavy drinking caused Wayne Simpson's life to spiral out of control. "I got a couple of DUI's,” he said. “I lost my license for 10 years."

The former Navy seaman ended up living on the streets and staying in homeless shelters. "I had a half-million-dollar house down in Fort Myers on the water," he continued.  "I lost everything because of my drinking."

All that changed, thanks to retired Lt. Colonel Carol Barkalow.  She started a grassroots organization called Heaven on Earth for Veterans. They provide low-cost, fully furnished homes for vets to live in. 

"I loved taking care of soldiers and also this was a chance for me to give back to my community." 

Col. Barkalow and her partner bought their first house back in 2012.  "This was started by two people," said Col. Barkalow. "Two of us. We now have nine homes and a lot on the south side were we can help -- truly help -- people who need help." 

She hopes her actions spur others to help in their communities.

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