Earth Watch: eSmart Recycling

- "70-80 percent of all electronics that we produce are ending up in the landfill," said Tony Selvaggio CEO and Founder of ESmart Recycling.

Since 2014 ESmart Recycling helps to lower that percentage.

"Anything that has a plug. Anything that has a switch or a battery is considered an electronic. We have the power and ability to recycle everything," Selvaggio.

Technology is collected at three drop off sites in Tampa and sorted at a warehouse there. Larger donations are also collected in bulk through company partnerships.

"Every single hard drive that we get is shredded on site at our warehouse," he said.

Some parts are reused to build new computers but others are shipped off for profit.

We work with downstream partners based in the U.S. and they will recover all the metals. They will do all of the breaking down," explained Selvaggio.

They're a small company with only six employees but they're making a big difference.

"Being able to utilize some equipment that's literally ending up being in a landfill and putting in the hands of someone across the world. Not just across the world but in our own communities too," Selvaggio said.

"We were looking for donors for years," said Cielo Gomez of Casa Chiapas Tampa.

This Spring ESmart Recycling donated 15 computers to build a tech lab for Casa Chiapas Tampa, a non-profit in Lutz.

"Many families don't have the budget to purchase a computer so when they come to Casa Chiapas and access these computers they feel like wow I'm using technology. It's very easy," she said.

The company shares technology with those in need internationally too. In early June Esmart Recycling upgraded a 20 year old computer lab at a school in need in Venezuela.

"People understand that they can give back and it's going towards a good cause. It's making a life changing difference," said Selvaggio.


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