House Speaker Corcoran plans to bring more charter schools to Florida

- Republican House Speaker Richard Corcoran is promising to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on education this session.

He called the education funding a top priority. His hope is to get parents and teachers to start thinking about charter schools, which there has been plenty of controversy over.

Corcoran said public schools are graduating teenagers who are “functionally illiterate” and it's time for the state to step in. 

Some public schools have gained the nickname "Failure Factories" because of poor performance, and Corcoran believes charter schools could change that.

"What makes the difference is they do a different model.  Some educate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and six-days a week and all through the summer; some are boarding schools. But what we need to do in Florida is allow those models to come into the state. We should have one of those on every street corner in our difficult neighborhoods so that these kids, to your point, get a great education," Corcoran told FOX 13.

Corcoran said across-the-board curriculum will never work for kids. Public schools are left with little option, and the job isn't getting done at the district level.

He pointed out that charter schools will give public school teachers more flexibility, and more creativity.

Here are some of the different charter school models other states are using:

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