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Wildfire in Flagler County

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  • FOX 35 News at 5pm

    Wildfire in Flagler County

  • Jim Webber

    Sunday morning forecast

  • Matt Johnson was given the heart breaking news as a teen that his basketball days were over. Doctors said his heart couldn't handle the stress, but that wasn't the end of his story. Now he's finished a sterling four-year career playing college hoops.

    UT's Matt Johnson defies odds of heart disease

  • Meteorologist Mike Bennett

    Saturday evening weathercast

  • Hundreds of Trump supporters turned out to a Make America Great March in Clearwater on Saturday. They gathered in Coachman Park while a few dozen peace protesters held signs nearby.

    MAGA march held in Clearwater

  • It's the first Tampa Pride parade in Tampa since a gunman devastated the LGBTQ community by shooting up a nightclub in Orlando. But parade-goers said this event is about love and respect - not hate and fear.

    Tampa Pride parade honors Pulse victims