Inside Gruden's QB Camp: Life after the Bucs

- There's not a day that goes by for Jon Gruden when he doesn't think about a return to the sidelines. He's never gotten over the Glazers' decision to fire him.

"I never thought I'd be the Fired Football Coaches of America president this long," Gruden said. "I never really thought I'd get fired. I'm still sore about it, but I want to give back to football and that's what the FFCA is all about. We raise money. We try to give back to high school football... Not just football. Let's get kids out playing. Let's make sure we keep these games strong."

Gruden has found many ways to stay in the game and to keep busy. From his QB camp, to Monday Night Football, to the FFCA.

Arguably, Gruden is making more of an impact on the football world than when he was snarling down the sidelines for the Bucs.

Later this month, he will be honored in New York with the DICK'S Sports Matter Impact Award for helping raise awareness and funding for youth sports. Many believe he has the best job in the world.

"Haven't lost a game in seven years," said Gruden. "How good is that? I'm with good people and I'm around football all the time. I get access to video I've never had access before, hand-held cameras, behind the quarterback, spider-cam looks. I go home in the morning because I'll have boxes of film waiting for me that I haven't seen before."

He watches the Bucs closely and is a big fan of the team. He still the only Bucs coach to raise the Lombardi Trophy in Tampa.

So how close does Gruden think the Bucs are to getting back to that level of play?

"Well, I think they are close because they have a franchise quarterback," said Gruden. "We haven't had that in Tampa in a long, long time. This kid is special and Doug Martin is a good back. I think they're accumulating good players. If you don't like Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, you don't like football. I think Kwon Alexander is going to be a star. Give Dirk Koetter, give Licht some time to get the group that they need, get the fans back to the stadium to support the Bucs and they'll wave that trophy again."

Seeing Gruden talk about football shows how much he really misses it.

"Oh, you miss it," said Gruden. "There's no doubt I miss it. When I see the old games, I see my brother's team play. I go to any game, I miss being down there, certainly. Helping, being part of the game and the strategy, but I'm in a good place."

What would it take to get him back on the NFL sidelines?

"Awe, I think I'm in a good place," Gruden explained. "I think I'm in a good place right now and I'm going to try to hang on to this job. I've been traded, I've been fired. I'm just trying to hang on, man."

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