11-year-old demonstrates how teddy bears can be hacked and weaponized


Reuben Paul may just be an 11-year-old from Texas, but he’s dangerous behind a keyboard.

Reuben took the stage at a cybersecurity conference in the Netherlands to show how anything can be weaponized -- including teddy bears --  or toy or device connected to the Internet. 

Reuben then hacked into one of the attendees Bluetooth-enabled devices and actually used that device to hack into the WiFi enabled teddy bear on stage. Then he used the bear to record audio. 

That presentation left some attendees calling Reuben “the future of cybersecurity.”

Reuben isn’t stopping there. He’s starting a non-profit to inform kids about the dangers of cyber insecurity. 

Well you’re helping adults too Reuben. I’ll never look at Snuggles the same way again.



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