Domino's unveils self-driving pizza delivery robot

Domino's Pizza Australia is hailing itself as the most technologically advanced pizza delivery company in the world - and they may be right. 

The company - which is independent from the U.S. pizza chain, but pays a royalty to use its name, branding and recipes - unveiled a self-driving pizza delivery robot Thursday. It's called the Domino's Robotic Unit - or DRU - and may be the coolest robot since R2-D2. 

Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but DRU is impressive. Domino's Australia said it started testing the idea using a military robot and developed the design from there. 

The finished product is essentially WALL-E on four wheels with an oven and refrigerator built in.

DRU has sensors, much like those in self-driving cars, which keep it from falling into holes or running into walls. Domino's said the units reach a speed of 12 miles per hour and uses GPS to navigate from store to door. 

For anyone who's worried someone may come along and take your pie before DRU makes it to your house, don't worry. Domino's sends a secret code via text message when you make an order to be delivered by robot. That code is entered when DRU arrives at the door and - voila - out comes your order. 

The company said it completed a successful test delivery in March and hoped to begin using DRU as a means of delivery sometime this year - but only in Australia for now. 

A date for possible launch in the U.S. was not available. 


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