Dog found in plastic bag on side of MA roadway

- A small puppy was found tied up in a bag and abandoned on the side of the road in Massachusetts.

The spunky little pup, now called “Punkin,” was found by a woman who was taking her own dog for a walk. She looked over between the road and the Connecticut River and saw the bag moving.

Police believe Punkin was tossed over a guardrail, possibly intended to go into the water.

They're not sure how long the dog was in the bag, but was still in good spirits, and immediately took to the woman who found it.

"She went and looked and saw this little green bag that was moving and she wasn't sure what was in there… They were able to get the bag open a little bit so she could at least stick her head out and be able to breathe," said animal control officer Shawn O’Brien. "We were really surprised she was as healthy as she was."

Punkin will be going home in a few days, with a South Hadley, Massachusetts police officer.

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