Company creates graphic novel version of the Holy Bible

- Reverend Art Ayris, of Leesburg, Florida, knows the Bible. He's the Executive Pastor at First Baptist Church of Leesburg and teaching the "good book" is part of the job. But Ayris says more and more young people have never even cracked a Bible open.

"Thirty-two percent of millennials and 48 percent of teens never read the Bible," he said. 

It's a trend he wants to help change.  He has come up with a way to reach those young people, using a large team of artists and writers who have created a graphic novel version of the Bible, filled with the vivid imagery common in comic books. 

"It's over 2,000 pages and over 10,000 art panels," he explained.  "This is not your grandmother's Bible."

The graphic novel version is split into three books, which took seven years to craft.  Ayris said there has been some pushback to this very different kind of treatment of the Bible, he added that most of the responses have been positive.

"It literally had everything. It had heroism. It had espionage. It had romance. It had war. It had intrigue. It had extraordinary stories in it," he said. "We don't see it as a substitute for the Bible. We see this as a portal into the Bible."


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