WATCH: 4-year-old hears new sounds after cochlear implant

- A Bay Area boy is getting a second chance at hearing after receiving a cochlear implant in his left ear.

Little four-year-old Owen was born with bilateral hearing loss that progressed over the years, resulting in severe to profound hearing loss in both of his ears.

Recently, he underwent a surgery for the cochlear implant and soon after, it was turned on. When Owen began to hear again, his face lit up, many sounds he was hearing for just the first time.

"He is looking around at every new sound and asking me what it is. He's saying, 'Mommy, did you know cars say whoosh when they drive by?'" his mother, Kayla Storey told FOX 13. "It's been an emotional few days!!" she said.

Owen goes to a school with other hearing impaired students and all of them have been excited about his new implant, Storey said.

Last month, Owen got a very special visit from several St. Petersburg police officers after his surgery to help him feel better. Sergeant Jason Deary presented Owen with his own police bear and hat, and he also got to meet a police dog. 

Owen is expected to have a second surgery to place another cochlear implant in his right ear in a few months. His family created a YouCaring page to help fund the surgeries. 


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