Couple celebrates rainbow baby while beautifully honoring child they lost

- Surrounded by family and friends, a Venice couple celebrated their "rainbow baby" while honoring the child they lost in the most beautiful way.

Trevor Goodin, along with friends and family of his wife, Chelsea, orchestrated a day of pampering for Chelsea, which was actually an elaborate plan to eventually lead her to a surprise maternity photo shoot.

The day began with breakfast at a restaurant, followed by a manicure and pedicure, and Chelsea getting her makeup done, at each stop a new clue to where she would head next and each stop captured on video.

"We got together (in secrecy) the night before and planned out the next day, took her to our favorite spots around town where clues were hidden. The best part was that we kept shuffling her off between us so she was totally thrown off," her husband said.

The final stop was the beach where everyone was waiting. "I was as nervous as when we had gotten married 4 years ago!" he said.

But there was one more surprise, this time for both of them. The couple's friends and family set up a ceremony for the couple to honor the daughter they had lost, named "Angel," by writing letters to her and sending them out to sea in a bottle. "It was such a touching thing to have done for you and it speaks volumes to the selflessness of these amazing women," Goodin said.

The couple waded into the water, and in an emotional tribute, tossed the bottle into the sea and tearfully hugged as the sun went down.

"I'm not sure how I managed to capture such beautiful shots through the tears. It was so touching and incredible to be apart of," said the photographer, Storm Aten of Studio 810 Photography.

Now, pregnant once again with their 'rainbow baby,' the term given for a child born after the loss of another baby, the couple is having a little boy and they are scheduled for an induction on Monday.

Goodin says the photo shoot was one of the best days he could have imagined. "Hopefully anyone going through a tough time dealing with infant loss can find peace and keep their spirits up because after every storm there's a rainbow!" he said.


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