Officers: 'Donut hate' and they'll share donuts

- A video made by officers in Iowa is not only a cheeky nod to a stereotype, it's sending a message to its citizens too.

The Ames Police Department along with Iowa State University police are launching a "donut" campaign, hoping that people will follow the law and in return, they'll get some free donuts.

"Donut disrespect, donut discriminate, donut harass, and donut hate," said Officer Eric Snyder with the Ames Police Dept. with a full mouth of donut and a plate piled high full of donuts in front of him.

"Respect each other and donut make bad decisions and we'll give you free donuts," said Officer Anthony Greiter with the ISU Police Department, with an equally full plate of donuts in front of them.

The Ames Police Department has a "donutmobile" that travels aroudn the city and police hand out donuts and chat with residents.

They just ask that you be kind, and they'll share.

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