Animal Adventure Park announces extended giraffe cam hours

- Fans of the giraffes at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York rejoiced Thursday after the park announced it was expanding the hours of its giraffe camera live stream. 

Giraffes April, Oliver, and baby Tajiri will greet their fans online six days a week from 4-8 p.m. EST. Park owner Jordan Patch, flanked by keepers Alyssa and Corey, made the announcement during a live video Thursday morning. 

Patch said the park will also host two educational live streams a week and keepers will give fans a closer look at other animals living at the park.

PHOTOS: April the giraffe and baby 'Tajiri'

"We want to give the world a glimpse inside our wild kingdom," Patch said.

The giraffes became viral sensations earlier this year after the park installed a live webcam in April’s stall, allowing millions of people to follow the last few weeks of her pregnancy and, finally, the baby giraffe’s birth.

Tajiri was born on April 15, just one month before the park's opening day. After his birth and a successful naming campaign, the park took down the giraffe cam to focus efforts on preparing for the open.

After all of the off-season publicity, Patch told FOX 13 they expected to see an influx of new visitors when they opened.

"We hope you see you this summer and help welcome Tajiri to our family,” Swilley added.

The park says the expectations have become a reality, with fans coming from "all over the globe" to get an in-person glimpse of the giraffe family.

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With opening day behind them, park workers brought the camera back on a once-a-week basis to give fans a live look at how life in the stalls was carrying on. Little Tajiri - called Taj by keepers - began to grow and play, getting his first steps outside the stalls and show the world his sweet personality.

MORE: Taj takes first steps outside

Photos shared by the park on social media showed him exploring the pen and nuzzling with April and with his father, Oliver.

Seeing the continued interest in the live giraffe camera, the park decided to further increase viewing hours to Friday - Sunday, 4-8 p.m. And, as expected, thousands tuned in to see the trio and chat with other giraffe lovers about the keepers, the stalls, giraffe eggs, and more. 

Watch a bird's eye view of the whole park below (mobile users click here:)


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