WATCH: Wind causes chaos at hot air balloon launch

- Two hot air balloons and the people in their baskets were swept up by the wind at an Illinois event Thursday.

Wayne Germain caught the moment one hot air balloon got caught in a gust of wind, slamming into another balloon, and then leaving a man dangling.

Germain said he and his family were watching a balloon launch in Chatsworth for a Sesquicentennial Heritage Days event when a gust of wind between “20 and 30 miles an hour” swept down on the field, causing two balloons to collide.

One of the balloons took off with its pilot hanging on from the balloonist basket and people inside. The pilot was dangling for “15 to 20 seconds,” according to Germain.

The pilot can be seen dangling head first off the basket, holding a string that he was pulling to release air from the balloon.

The pilot was able to bring the balloon down, but the balloon hit the ground and he fell off. The pilot was taken to the hospital and is doing well.

Meanwhile, the people stuck inside had no balloon piloting experience. They were given directions from the ground to bring the balloon down and were able to release the air and land it nearby.

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