ADORABLE: Cat adopts squirrel monkey

- A 16-year-old cat in Russia has become the new adoptive mother of a baby squirrel monkey.

"Fedor" is a three-week-old squirrel monkey from the Tyumen Zoo in Russia. When Fedor's mother refused to carry him on her back, which is essential for him to survive his first few months of life, the director of the zoo,Tatyana Antropova, took him home.

To her surprise, her 16-year-old cat, Rosinka, which has never had babies of her own, accepted Fedor, and he has clung to her ever since.

"I think it will stay with us for about a month riding on the cat's back. It will then be moved to a cage with all the other monkeys and it will start getting adult food," said Antropova.

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