Falcons nesting on 28th floor Chicago balcony

- Imagine a couple of falcons showing up on your window sill or balcony -- and calling it home.

That's what happened to one man in Chicago, and there's nothing he can legally do about it.

Three years ago, Dacey Arashiba lost the balcony of his high rise condo to Steve and Linda - a pair of Peregrine falcons.

"I started seeing the birds in the neighborhood about five years ago. About three years ago, they started hanging out on my balcony and at the time I had just thought it was one and I just stood there for a minute and then it turned its head around and looked at me and then it flew over backwards and flew away like Batman," Arashiba said.

A couple of 28th floor flower boxes supplied the perfect nest for the pair and their new family.

"Then one day, another one showed up at the same time and I thought to myself what is this and they started nesting," Arashiba said.

And it wasn't a one-time deal, because year after year, they keep coming back.

"Now that they're there, it's kind of like having a wild kingdom on the balcony so it's entertainment," Arashiba said.

Arashiba can't get rid of the birds because they're an endangered species, but he doesn't mind.

“The first year, they laid eggs but the eggs didn't hatch so I figured it was a failed nest and the people at the peregrine program said it was failed nest they probably weren't going to come back so when they came back last year it was like surprise," Arashiba said.

Not only has he documented their activities on social media, he's allowed professional nature photographers to live in his apartment to check out Linda and Steve as well.

"Well they said that these were federally protected animals and that we could no longer chase them away. We can't disturb the nest but they were very excited that we had another pair that were nesting in Chicago," Arashiba said.

He added,"We decided that their last name would be the Perrys, so we went with Steve Perry from Journey and Linda Perry from Four Non Blonds. And then the kids, Luke Perry and Katy Perry," Arashiba said.

Soon the Perrys will be adding two new additions to their family. The falcons are currently protecting two new eggs. Arashiba says he's still not sure what he'll be naming them once they hatch.

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