Feral cat, black bear in CA zoo are best friends

- Workers at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary in California say they're used to people "warning" them about a stray cat in an enclosure with one of the black bears, Sequoia. But zoo keepers aren't worried. The unusual duo have been pals for more than a year. 

The black cat, appropriately named Little Bear, showed up sometime before February of 2015 and made its home in the bear's exhibit. Zoo workers aren't sure if Little Bear is a mister or misses, but it doesn't seem to matter to Sequoia

So, rather than running the feral feline off, workers now put food in the enclosure for Little Bear and the big black bear. 

There's another bear in the enclosure, named Tahoe, who doesn't seem bothered by Little Bear, but the friendship seems to be more for Sequoia's lifestyle preferences - which include laying in the sun, laying in the shade, climbing trees, eating and sleeping. 

One thing they don't have in common is a love of water, but not every friendship is perfect. 

Zoo workers said Little Bear sometimes wanders off and they're not sure where the kitty goes, but it's certain to come back for some food and playtime. 


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