Fisherman comes face to face with great white in incredible photo

- An incredible photo shared on the Outcast Sport Fishing Facebook page shows a fisherman getting up close and personal with a great white shark off the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

For Captain Chip Michalove and Troy Bowman, it was the catch of a lifetime. They hooked her just before 3 p.m., but it took hours to reel her in. "After an insane battle, we ended up getting her boat side about 7 pm to apply an acoustic tag near the dorsal and take DNA sample from her pec fin," Capt. Michalove wrote.

The photos posted on the Facebook page show the fisherman face to face with the shark, then at one point putting his hand on her nose.

"She swam off healthy," said Capt. Michalove, and he's looking forward to find out where the sharks go from there. "Nothing illegal was done," he wrote, "and the shark is now going to give us lots of no hate mail." 



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