Forget about engagement photo shoots, have a break-up one instead

The photos capture the pair wearing somber expressions as they bid each other farewell.

Looking at the photos, it’s hard to tell if the couple are serious about the photo shoot or are joking, but one thing’s for sure — it could be the start of a new trend, especially for all those couples who want to “stay friends.”

In a statement to Storyful, Bach said, “I just wanted to make an ironic humor-based photo album taking a unique look at relationship photos. People frequently take nice ‘nature based’ photos of them and their significant other when their relationship is going great. My goal was to take photos in that same setting but this time at the point of the relationship where the couple is broken up or in turmoil.”

Interestingly, Bach also told Storyful that the attention the photos have received has caused him to look back and miss his ex-girlfriend. “I do miss her like crazy now,” wrote Bach to Storyful. “All this attention is bound to do something interesting to our relationship, I guess I’m excited to ride this out and see what it is.”

William DePew, who is a classmate of Bach’s at Western Michigan University, shared the photos to Twitter. His tweet had 390 retweets and 1,174 likes at time of writing. A scrape of the photos had 4,954 retweets and 12,706 likes. The photos originally appeared on Bach’s Facebook page.

While engagement and pregnancy announcement photo shoots are pretty much the norm these days, one thing that’s rarely been done is a break-up photo shoot.

A Michigan couple appear to have cemented their relationship breakdown into internet history by taking part in such a thing. The photos, which were likely posted to Facebook (though not available at time of writing as public posts), were shared on Twitter by a friend of the couple, Harrison Bach and Jackie Martin.

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