Goats having a pajama party is the best thing you'll see all day

- Brand new baby goats having a pajama party at a farm in Maine is the best thing you'll see all day.

There are at least eight of them, all wearing colorful, adorable pajama outfits hopping around, jumping on and off hay bales, leaping and chasing each other around.


At one point they spot a cat laying down, which they are all completely unsure of, and then they go back to jumping around, "talking" to each other, and head-butting each other.

The baby goats were born recently at the Sunflower Farm Creamer in Cumberland, Maine.


There are also pregnant goats that are due to give birth in May, and there is a web cam where people can check in on them.

The dairy makes cheeses, feta, caramels and even fudge which they sell at markets or at the farm, where visitors can see the farm's 23 goats and their kids. "Not only do they all have names, they all have distinct calls we know even from the kitchen," the creamery says on its website.  "We find great joy in sharing our lovely goat herd with visitors so that when they eat our chevre or feta or caramels, they taste even better because they are remembering a sunny summer day in the field with our herd," they write.

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