Kitten rescued after spending 2 days stuck in drain

- After being stuck in a drain for at least two days, a small kitten in Kansas was finally rescued.

The little fur ball fell deep into a drain pipe on a property in Missouri, which is just over the state line from her new home.

The rescue came after Beth Sharman posted on Facebook asking for help freeing the kitten, which was stuck upside-down in the drain.

Her call for help was answered by Jeremy Whited of Dun' Right Plumbing, who came to the cat's rescue. He used fishing tape and a special camera to get a view of the kitty and pull her to safety.

"This is the first cat that I have ever taken out [of a drain].” Whited said. “I've pulled a lot of strange things out of drains. This is a first for me."

Whited and two others were able to tie a knot around the kitten’s tail.

"It was some fish tape that I brought along that actually helped. I use it for fishing wire and this time we added some string to it, with a slipknot on the end, and we were lucky enough to snag [the kitten]," Chris Malcom, who helped with the rescue, said.

As if rescuing a kitten from a drain were not enough, Whited said he knew he had to take it home.

"I just kind of felt like it was the right thing to do,” he explained. “I knew that my little girl and my little boy would give it an awesome home."

Whited was so smitten with the kitten that he and his family adopted the kitty, now named piper, after the incident.

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