Leg deformities doesn't hold back 'Possum,' the Husky puppy

- An eight-week-old Siberian Husky puppy is being treated for her back leg deformities but in a video posted to Facebook, she’s not letting her handicap stop her.

Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago, Illinois, posted a Facebook video of "Possum" walking around despite her leg deformities. Possum was brought to a shelter after her breeder could not find a home for her.

She was later brought to the foundation for medical attention where they found she had “reverse tibial abnormalities,” stating “her long bones are essentially backwards.”

The foundation say they received many adoption applications for Possum, and wants potential adopters to know she will need a home that understand all the work that will go into her care for the rest of her life. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy and chiropractic care will help build her core strength, and provide support to her joints, muscles and limbs. Her growth and development will need to be monitored as she ages, but as of now, she is pain-free as she moves around. 

According to the post, the dog is also polydactyl, meaning she was born with extra toes. The foundation stated that Possum does not appear to be in pain and does not seem to be aware of her abnormalities. 

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