Man survives close encounter with shark

-  A Plano man was nearly bitten by a shark while fishing off the coast of Corpus Christi and now he’s sharing his incredible story and video.

George Saber says he was fishing about a mile and half off the Texas shoreline in a kayak hoping to catch king fish Sunday, May 15.

But instead he caught a three-foot Atlantic sharp nose shark. He reeled it onto his kayak to remove the hook from its mouth. But once he got the scared shark into the kayak, it began thrashing around and got within a couple of inches from biting Saber’s leg and groin.

“As far as fear, I'm surprised I stayed as calm as I was at the rate this shark was coming and I did my best to do basic maneuvers to avoid getting bit. I didn't want him getting a piece of me obviously and I didn't want to overreact and flip the kayak and end up in a more dangerous situation,” said Saber.

Saber says the shark ended up jumping back in the water, which gave Saber a moment to compose himself and try it again. The second time he got the shark aboard the kayak, he was able to safely remove the fishing line and release the shark back into the water.

You can find a link to the full video HERE.

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