Nativity set reimagines scene for 2016

- Christmas is an ever-evolving holiday in the U.S. - from parties, to shopping, to light displays - but many of the Christmas traditions related to the reason for the season remain true to their roots. 

But makers of a new product have put a modern spin on one of Christmas' most recognizable icons - the Nativity Scene. 

The Modern Nativity reimagines the story of Jesus' birth with characters typical of today's Western culture.  

Mary and Joseph take a selfie with baby Jesus while three hipster Wise Men look on, perched upon Segways and clutching Amazon Prime boxes under their arms. 

The manger is sheltered by a stable equipped with solar panels and a 100% organic beef cow eats gluten-free feed from a trough outside. A shepherd with his sheep - adorably fitted with a red and white sweater. And what kind of shepherd would he be without his smartphone, earbuds and grey T-shirt layered over a white thermal?

The Modern Nativity is missing a representation of an angel, but maybe it's supposed to be the to-go coffee cup Mary's clutching. 

A representative from Modern Nativity said the product was a result of conversations amongst friends about how religions might be different if their sacred texts were set in modern times, and evolved into the Nativity of 2016.   

Each piece is hand painted by a trained artisan and the Modern Nativity sells on the product's website - where it's also referred to as the "Hipster Nativity Set" - for $129.

We asked how the creators decided on what would make the Nativity modern. They said many of the ideas were thought up, one-by-one. When it came to the use of a Segway, they agreed it was the best look.

"Someone would say, 'The wise men should be carrying Amazon Prime boxes,' and we’d say, 'Great idea, let’s do it.' The next person would say, the cow should be organic,' and we’d evolve the design again," they recalled. "We played around with other modes of transportation, but the Segways just looked funnier." 

But, the little details started evolving as we started sharing the idea with other people. 

When asked if Amazon was on-board with the use of the Prime swooping arrow logo, the makers of the Modern Nativity said the company hadn't signed off on it's usage.

"Hopefully they see it the way we do - as a comment on the ubiquity of Amazon and its undeniable significance to modern commerce. We’re big fans of Amazon. And, for what it’s worth, all proceed from this Nativity set will eventually go to Amazon, since that’s where we spend all of our money," they said. 

They make a good point.

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