New lie detector test finds deception through eye movement

- A new lie detection software uses eye movement to detect deception. 

The software, called “Eye Detect,” was developed by researchers at the University of Utah. It debuted in 2014 by a tech start-up company, Converus, according to KSTU. The software uses a small little bar to track your eye movements.

The CEO and president of Converus, Todd Mickelsen, says the product is being used by more than 450 customers in 40 countries. The creators hope it will help companies mitigate corruption. 

“It’s based on the scientific fact that it takes more mental effort to tell a lie than to just tell the truth,” Mickelsen said. “So, when we lie, there’s an increase in mental effort. That increase in mental effort has an involuntary effect on the eyes.”

KSTU was present when Converus brought in students to test the product on them. The students were asked to choose a number between two and nine, write the number down, then lie about the written number.

Through a series of questions, they ranked their pupil data, then Converus workers would choose the number based on where the software data was most significant. 

One student was able to trick the test.

“Perhaps his eyes reacted significantly to the first number and they were still coming down to the baseline before we got to the next question, we often see that,” said Mickelsen.

The test was 86 percent accurate.

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