Real life cat and mouse chase caught on police dash cam

- A real life cat and mouse chase was caught by a Minnesota officer’s dash camera.

The police officer seems to have uncovered the real-life Tom and Jerry.

The dash camera video shows the police cruiser’s headlights capturing a nighttime view of a cat running into the road, but it stops just before reaching the other side. As the officer’s car slows, the cat makes a sharp turn in the other direction, but stops short, seeming to notice something on the ground.

As the officer’s patrol car comes closer and stops, the feline begins to dart back-and-forth across the roadway, so the officer trains the camera and zooms in.

That’s when another tiny object comes into focus, scurrying across the pavement in front of the cat.

It was a mouse and the cat was determined to catch it.

But the mouse made a smart move, running out of the way of the officers’ beams. They say cats can see in the dark, but if it couldn’t catch the mouse with the help of headlights, maybe the mouse stood a chance.

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