Redheads, pirate flag among 157 new emojis

- More than 150 new emojis will be released with Unicode Version 11.0, which is expected to be released Tuesday, June 5. 

The new emojis will include hot and freezing faces, red, bald, and curly hair, and a variety of new animals, objects, and symbols (but still no manatee). 

According to Jeremy Burge at, companies like Twitter, Apple, and Google will have to add Unicode 11 support before users can send and share them. So far, they have not announced their update schedules.

Excitement about the new symbols is likely to hurry those updates along. 

Among the 157 new emojis are redgrey, and curly hair, plus bald heads, hot and cold faces, superheroes and supervillains, a leg, a foot, and a party face

There are 10 new animals, including a peacock, a hippopotamus, and a mosquito.

New items range from a bar of soap to a lab coat to a strand of DNA. There is also a skateboard, a chess pawn, and a pirate flag.

There are also six new kinds of food, including a cupcake and a mango.

Take a look at the rest of the new emojis here.

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