Roadside fight in South East Austin caught on camera

A confrontation between two male drivers began around 12:30 p.m. on Monday near I35 and Slaughter Ln.

Twitter user @NoelDeric did not see what started the altercation but began recording when he saw a man with a baseball bat approaching another vehicle.

As one man with a baseball bat approached a dark colored pickup-truck the truck's driver can be seen abruptly exiting his vehicle.  After exiting, the driver realizes that he forgot to put the truck in park and he quickly re-entered the truck to put his vehicle in park.

After putting the truck in park the driver re-confronts the man with the bat and the two exchange words.  The driver of the truck reaches into the back of the truck and takes out what appears to be a type of long wooden pole. 

What follows is a fight between the two men wielding their weapons. 

According to Twitter user @NoelDeric both men got back into their vehicles and drove away after the confrontation and no police arrived on the scene.  

Austin Police say that they received a call around 12:30 p.m. near the scene where the altercation occurred. A report was made and police are investigating.

According to @NoelDeric neither of the men were seriously injured. 


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