Stunning drone video captures swimmer's encounter with orca

- A woman who was swimming along the shore had a close encounter with some curious killer whales. 

Judie Johnson was swimming alone at Hahei Beach, New Zealand December 4 when three orca whales surrounded her. 

"There was a shape that went under me, like a huge shape and I thought [it was] dolphins and I was quite excited, and then I saw the great white color on the back,” she told New Zealand's 1 NEWS of the experience.

The adult orca took a particular interest in her, nearly nipping at her toes as the three playfully swim around her. The stunning video was captured on drone video from a tourist who witnessed the encounter.

“I was also thinking they eat seals and I’m in a black wetsuit,” she added. Ultimately, the orcas did her no harm, and simply swam alongside her in what she described as a life-changing experience.

To the surprise of onlookers, she completed her training swim and the orca swam away.

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