WATCH: Fiona the baby hippo takes a shower

- A little baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo got to take her first shower and the experience was nothing short of adorable.

The zoo says her morning routine includes a trip to the scale to get weighed, then going to the kitchen for breakfast and 60 ounces of formula.

From there, she gets to explore the building with her caretakers and this week she got to get in a shower!

She snapped at the water sprinkling on her, gummed the sides of the shower and even laid down on the shower floor for a few minutes with the water running over her to take a brief nap.

Fiona was born six weeks early in January at just 29 pounds, well below the 55-120 pounds, which is the average size for baby hippos. She couldn't walk at the time, but now she weighs 166 pounds, walks, and swims around as she prepares for her official introduction to the public. 

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