Watch: Leaping cat bewilders owners

- Cats are mysterious creatures. Cat lovers can tell you to expect the unexpected when it comes to interacting with felines.

But a family in Oregon says the behavior of one of their adopted kitties exceeds the typical cat hijinx. 

Jeanine Jackson adopted two black kittens from the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon about five years ago. The kitties - Chess and Daffodil - came from different litters but immediately bonded.

Jeanine says she quickly noticed Chess bounced around the house, jumping everywhere she went, so they renamed her Leapfrog. 

One day, Jeanine says she noticed Leapfrog fly from the basement doorway through the adjacent kitchen doorway. As time went on, she and her husband witnessed the cat flying through the doorway several more times.

They determined Leapfrog would only jump through that doorway as if she was trying to clear some invisible obstacle.

Meanwhile, Jeanine says the spot between the doors is where she puts things that need to go to the basement. On any given day, something will be propped on the wall next to the basement door, waiting to be taken down. 

Leapfrog, however, saw these as challenges meant for her acceptance. And Jeanine decided to keep the fun going by placing random items for Leapfrog to clear.

Undeterred, Leapfrog leaped her way over each test, making for a hilarious series of Instagram videos.

A mini Christmas tree, a stack of fine China, potted plants, people, and even a basset hound have been no match for Leapfrog’s agility. She clears each one with ease, tucking her paws under her body as she flies through the air.

Jeanine says some on the internet have suggested the videos may be a trick – that Leapfrog is actually being thrown or otherwise coaxed to perform. Jeanine says it’s not the case, as is proved in a video from 2016 of Leapfrog’s approach and leap.

Jeanine says Leapfrog is perfectly happy and loves the exercise she gets jumping around the house.

For more videos of Leapfrog and Daffodil’s antics, visit

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