WATCH: Woman's selfie causes estimated $200k of damage

- A woman taking a selfie at a Los Angeles art exhibition caused what the artist said was about $200,000 worth of damage.

Surveillance video shows her lean on a plinth, knocking it over and causing a domino-style chain reaction that toppled at least 12 other exhibits.

Gloria Yu, one of the artists behind the Hypercaine exhibition at The 14th Factory, said that three sculptures “were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees.”

Video captured off a screen showed CCTV footage of the incident. Staff at the gallery said that they suspected a friend of a staff member posted the video, but couldn’t confirm the source.

The New York Times floated the idea that the incident may have been staged but also reported that artist Simon Birch said in an email that the incident was genuine.

The gallery says it is a non-profit, independent, temporary art project that exists because of the public’s support and attendance.  The gallery will be in Los Angeles until end of July. Anyone who wants to see this installation and all others at The 14th Factory can reserve their entry at

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