Woman bitten by shark while trying to feed it

- An attempt to hand-feed some sharks in Dugong Bay, Western Australia went horribly wrong for a woman who was bitten on the finger and briefly dragged into the water. 

Melissa Brunning was on a boat feeding the normally placid tawny nurse sharks on May 30 when she felt "immense pressure" on her finger, like a shark was "shredding it off the bone." 

She was worried she lost her finger entirely, but escaped with a fracture and torn ligament. 

Brunning also had to undergo a surgical procedure to recover from infection. 

Brunning took full responsibility for the incident. She told Perth Now that it was entirely her fault for trying to feed the shark. “It’s not the shark’s fault at all,” she said. “This is not a shark attack, this is just a blonde doing a stupid thing. When you’re in the water, they’re top of the food chain, it’s their domain.”

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