St. Petersburg couple impacts children’s lives with book, charity donation

Lewis and Michelle Ribner are proud of the idea they came up with to help raise funds for a local non-profit. 

"Charlie's Champs is an organization that raises funds to provide adaptive bikes, bicycles and equipment for children with special needs," Lewis Ribner explained. 

The couple wrote a book called "One, Two, Yellow, Blue!," which is a counting and numbers book for toddlers based on the public art murals in St Petersburg.

"During the beginning of the pandemic, we just found ourselves walking around a lot and as we were admiring all the art murals we thought what a fun thing to do for children, for toddlers," Michelle Ribner said. 

The colorful book has 30 interactive pages for toddlers.  

"We're hoping that they would just have fun. That they will be able to learn to count and to be able to identify colors," Lewis Ribner explained. 

Asking for donations instead of selling the book has been a big success. 

"People have been so generous and have made donations for about 400 of the 550 books," Lewis Ribner shared. 

The Ribner's are helping toddlers learn and giving to children with special needs in a very unique way.

"We thought this would be a good way not to just raise some funds but to also provide some education to the community," said Lewis Ribner.

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