Kitten brothers found in two separate car engines


Cars are usually known for their horsepower, but recently it’s been all about kitten power. All over the country kittens are climbing into car engines and parts. 

Earlier this summer, the story of a kitten stuck in the bumper of a Tesla went viral. And just the other week a kitten hitched a ride from Massachusetts to Connecticut while under the hood of a car. The trend has now spread to Michigan where a kitten was hiding in the engine of a car in the parking lot at St. John Hospital. From the sound of it, he was car shopping in Grosse Pointe.

Corinne Martin, the executive director of the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society, brought equipment to get the kitten out, but was unable to after two hours. 

She told FOX 2, “Two of us in two hours, were unable to get this kitten out of the engine because it kept going from engine to engine. So it was in five different cars.” 

The following morning, Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society received a call about a kitten found in an engine. The driver had driven from St. John Hospital, and it turned out to be the same kitten. 

"It's really incredible, it's a miracle," Corinne said.

Just when the adventure seemed to be over, they received a call about another stowaway -- His brother! He had been on a journey of his own. 

The kittens will both be vaccinated, tested, and put up for adoption. The GP Animal Adoption Society has already received calls about a future forever home for the siblings.


Watch the video to see the kitten adventure. 

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