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Dispute leads to man shooting brothers, killing 1

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  • Pasco deputy deploys stun gun on suspect who flees

  • Dog park bar plans brought to Tampa City Council

  • Pasco teen shot in face, back by another teen

  • Mote studying coral reef decline with anemones


  • (Dunkin Donuts)

    Dunkin' Donuts to stop selling popular iced coffee 'Coolatta' before summer

  • Tens of thousands of EpiPens recalled for faulty mechanism

  • 'Liquor wall' closer to being torn down

  • Sears has "substantial doubt" about its future


  • Several Bay Area reps uncommitted on health care vote

  • Grieving mother speaks on the importance of organ donation

  • Four-year old Georgia boy 'different child' on cannabis oil

  • Teens are using their smart phones more-- and drugs less


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Teen artist creates ultra-real drawings

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  • A young, self-taught artist is making his mark in the Bay Area, with his works being displayed at the Safety Harbor Library. Michael Braudis started drawing two years ago, at the age of 13. He carefully watched his friends during art class, then bega

    Teen artist creates ultra-real drawings

  • If you’re a fan of the film Robocop, it might be time to move to Dubai. That’s because the first robot cop will join the city’s police force in May. The announcement was made during a presentation at the 11 Best Police Practices Forum held in D

    Robot cop to join Dubai Police Force in May

  • It can’t be easy being a baby. All that crying, all that napping -- It’s hard work being so darn cute. Maybe all they need is a little trip to the spa. Baby Spa Perth is the first spa of its kind in Australia, and is part of a global chain with l

    Adorable Babies Take a Spa Day

  • Fiona the premature hippo is making a splash at the Cincinnati Zoo!

    Fiona the premature hippo gets some pool time

  • It can be one of the most nerve wracking days of your life, and one that new parents will remember forever. Revealing to loved ones whether your baby is a boy or a girl is becoming quite a memorable event itself.

    Expecting couples use fireworks for gender reveal

  • The most skyline altering building for Manhattan has been unveiled. It is called the Big Bend and, as the name indicates, it would bend over at the top and return to the ground via another leg of the tower. How do New Yorkers think about this and oth

    Upside-down U-shaped skyscraper

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Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

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  • Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

  • FWC photo

    Panther spends 50 years on 'endangered' list

  • Photo by Lee Dalton, Lee Dalton Photography

    Alligators crowd around Myakka River State Park

  • 2017 Daytona 500

  • Historic SpaceX launch, landing

  • Tebow headlines prom for teens with special needs