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  • Smart meters could slow power restoration in Lakeland

  • Jetski collides with boat, injuring man, 4-year-old girl

  • Group does free laundry for Pinellas County families

  • Maria to cause dangerous currents along US coast


  • Cable, internet companies offer credit for some customers

  • Florida ranch takes 'farm-to-table' one step further

  • Budweiser giving out Lyft codes for free rides

  • Equifax admits security breach earlier in the year


  • Study: Gym equipment is dirtier than a toilet seat

  • Travelers warned of meth found in 7-Up bottles in Mexico

  • Center opens in Tampa for veterans in need of prosthetics

  • Study says 'cheating' on your diet may be the healthiest way to lose weight


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Canine used for search and rescue in Mexico

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  • Frida is a rescue dog with a life-saving mission in Mexico. In Mexico, dogs are an important part of the rescue effort after several earthquakes have shaken parts of the country.

    Canine used for search and rescue in Mexico

  • Fox 13 Meteorologist Lindsay Milbourne

    Saturday Tropical Update

  • Fox 13 Meteorologist Lindsay Milbourne

    Saturday Morning Forecast

  • Electricians and power line workers really have been the unsung heroes following Hurricane Irma. But Thursday morning, one of those tireless workers woke up to find his equipment stolen.

    Equipment stolen from out-of-town electrician

  • deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office responded to 14120 Cobra Drive, Spring Hill, in reference to a Department of Children and Families request for assistance.

    Animals seized from Hernando home

  • An alleged bank robber - with a hostage in his vehicle - led Hernando County deputies on a wild chase through the city of Brooksville Friday.

    Hernando deputies shoot bank-robbery suspect

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Hurricane Irma's destruction in Florida

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  • Men drive through the flooded streets looking to see if people need help the morning after Hurricane Irma swept through the area on September 11, 2017 in Naples, Florida.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    Hurricane Irma's destruction in Florida

  • MacDill KC-135 refuels F-22 fighters

  • Viewing the total solar eclipse. August 21, 2017. Credit: FOX News

    Viewing the Great American Eclipse

  • SpaceX launches cargo mission

  • Orlando's Confederate time capsule revealed

  • Memorial grows for 'Snooty' the manatee