Abandoned dog, seen being dumped in video, now ready for new home


It was heartbreaking video that got worldwide attention: A skittish dog dumped in the middle of Seminole Heights, trying in vain to catch up with his owner.  Now, three months later, the poor pup is finally up for adoption.

Hillsborough County's Pet Resource Center announced Friday that ‘Tiger,' as they're calling him, had been found, though it was not immediately clear when.

Back on August 7, a passer-by happened to record video of the moment along North Boulevard when a Chevy Cavalier stopped, let the dog out of the car, and drove off.

"It looked like a lost child," witness Jerrit Gaddis recalled. "I never thought I was going to see someone dump a dog out of a car."

At the time, Gaddis said he tried to corral the dog, but it was scared and ran off.  That was the last publicized sighting of the abandoned animal, and officials didn't share any word of their investigation into the crime.

Now, though, Hillsborough County says the pup's previous owner has been identified.  They did not publicly name him or her, but they did say that the individual has been added to the county's "enjoined List" by a judge, meaning he or she is permanently banned from owning or possessing animals in the county.

And even better news for Tiger – that means the county has full custody of him, so he's officially up for adoption.  They plan to show him off for the media and offer more details later today.

Anyone who's interested in taking him home should contact the county's Pet Resource Center.

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