TPD: Thieves target office buildings; steal wallets from purses

- Tampa police say some brazen crooks are targeting purses left unattended on desks in office buildings. 

Police say the duo swipe wallets, and then go on shopping sprees at the victims' expense.

The two women, seen on surveillance video,s have not been arrested yet, and Tampa police hope someone knows who they are.

They managed to slip-in and slip-out unnoticed, but were clearly caught in the act on-camera.          

"I felt kinda violated, I mean, it's an office workspace, you don't think it's gonna happen to your stuff at your desk," said Amanda McBroom. 

Amanda works at Onicx Construction, and surveillance video from the office captured the entire crime.  When Amanda walked away to hand out mail, the woman slinked in through the front.

"The woman came in through the door, walked around to my desk at the reception, went underneath and stole my wallet out from my purse and then just walked out," Amanda said.

She tells FOX 13 News the crook kept her credit cards and cash, but ditched the wallet down the street, heading straight to the Westshore Mall to go on a shopping spree.

"They charged about $2,400 at Macy's, $400 at Victoria’s Secret, and $86 at Footlocker," Amanda said.

Tampa police say the thief isn't working alone.  Security cameras taped a second woman using more stolen plastic to buy things.  The ladies have been spotted driving a two-door, white car with tinted windows.

"It blows my mind, I don't know how somebody can just come in and do that," said Amanda.

Investigators say the pair hit three office buildings over two days, each time swiping wallets out of the victim's purses that were left unattended.         

On Tuesday it was Onicx Construction on Mariner Street, as well as The Salon Suites on West Azeele Street.  Wednesday the target was The Omnia Group office on West Cleveland Street.          

"I hope they get caught, because they can't keep doing this, it could ruin a lot of people's lives," Amanda said.

If you know anything about these crimes, or the two women involved, call Tamp Police at 813-231-6130.

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