Millions watch, wait for birth of baby giraffe

- The most famous expecting mother on social media these days isn't Beyonce or Amal Clooney-- it's April, the giraffe!

It seems the entire world is watching and waiting for the birth of the baby giraffe.  The park installed a web cam in their giraffe pen to allow people to stay up to date on the process-- and watch live.

April lives at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. She's expecting a calf with her mate, Oliver, and park officials say she could give birth any minute. 

Park officials say that it is difficult to tell when the birth will occur until the calf's hooves begin to show. Staff has been conducting examinations on April regularly to make sure her health is good and that things are progressing.

Animal Adventure provided an update on April Friday morning, saying physical posturing and other activity observed overnight would suggest we are close.

April is 15-year-old, and her mate, Oliver is 5-years-old. Animal Adventure says this will be April's fourth calf, and Oliver's first.

Liezel King is the Collection Manager of hoof and stock at the Phoenix Zoo, and she said a giraffe's birth is dramatic.

"Giraffe moms give birth standing up," King said. "So, that adds a little excitement to the process. You usually see the front feet first, and then the nose. Once it gets going, the mom gets the shoulders passed. Gravity sort of helps because they're standing."

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King said a giraffe's birth is usually quick, as it usually takes 30 minutes or so after the hoofs initially appear.

The watching and waiting will surely be worth it-- to witness the drama and beauty of the animal kingdom. 

FOX 13 has been live streaming the giraffe camera for the past three days, anxiously awaiting signs for the birthing process to begin.

You can watch the live stream here on the park's YouTube channel:

Here are some other facts you might not know:

  • Full grown giraffes can eat more than 100 pounds of leaves a twigs a day
  • Male giraffes are taller and heavier than females
  • The knobs on their heads are called ossicones
  • Giraffes move both legs on one side of their body as they walk
  • They can reach speeds of up to 35 mph
  • Giraffes sleep less than two hours a day
  • Female giraffes can become pregnant at just 5-years-old
  • They live up to 25 years in the wild
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