Snake hunter has heart attack after catching 6-foot rattlesnake

- A trip to hunt rattlesnakes near the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma took an unexpected turn for one of the men.

Dennis Crow, Steve Booker and Robert Lutonsky were snake hunting in the mountains and shared footage of them catching some rattlesnakes, more than six feet long, during their hunt on Saturday. After 20 minutes, Crow, who is seen wearing a hat in the video, began feeling unwell. 

Crow, writing on Facebook, said he began to struggle to breathe while walking down the mountain and was rushed to hospital.

Crow was recovering well after having surgery, according to a Facebook update. The three men were rounding up snakes for the rattlesnake festival in Apache, Oklahoma, to be held in April. The team are part of a group called, KSNAK Live Coverage, which is used to inform people about western diamondback rattlesnake in Southwest Oklahoma.

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