Family's 'allergy-free Halloween' note goes viral

- Neighbors' reaction to the sign was mixed, according to NBC Connecticut.  At least one person was supportive, but others were politely skeptical.

The reaction on Reddit, though, was both less supportive and polite. 

"Dear parents. Please ruin Halloween for all the other children because of my child," one user wrote.

"When I was a kid, there was an old man in our neighborhood who would hide in the bushes and spray trick-or-treaters with the hose. We still liked him more than the people who gave out Necco wafers," another person wrote.

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Saturday, most neighborhoods will invaded by villains, superheroes, Disney characters, and other fun costumed kids, all hoping for that special treat -- probably candy of some sort.

But one Connecticut family's message to her neighbors has gotten national attention.

According to NBC Connecticut, their child has a peanut allergy so they have asked everyone to hand out peanut-free candy.

A photo of one of the signs has gone viral on Reddit.  The bright orange note says:

"My son has severe allergies and comes home every year devastated that he can't eat any candy he's collected at your homes while trick or treating. Don't exclude my child, or any other child from the fun.

This Halloween, practice responsible parenting and do not distribute candy containing nuts of any kind, gluten or dairy."

The unsigned note went on to ask neighbors in New Britain to "be mindful of everyone's child" and offered allergy-conscious suggestions:

  • Carrot sticks
  • Smarties
  • Necco wafers
  • Life Savers
  • Brach's lemon drops
  • Raisins (but not Raisinettes, she noted)


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