Shoppers flock to Toys 'R Us for pre-closure deals

- After 70 years in business, Toys 'R Us will say "hello" no more. All of its stores will either shut down or be sold at some point.

Shoppers at the Citrus Park location came looking for deals and nostalgia.

For generations, the toy store retail chain has created memories for kids, and now, some of those kids have children and even grandchildren of their own.

"We were impressed with all of the bikes. All the bikes lined up on the wall," said Lupe Sosa who is a longtime shopper at the chain. "Then when I had my little girl who's now 32, I would take her to Toys 'R Us. That's where we would get all of our baby supplies, all our diapers, well before everyone else had them." 

"I thought I'd get some good buys, and start buying for Christmas, but there's actually no sales," said Nancy Pynes, a grandmother.  

No deals, yet. The chain, which is in billions of dollars of debt, filed for bankruptcy last year. More than 30,000 workers will lose their jobs as a result of the closures.

Online shopping is partly to blame. 

"It's sad to see, first of all, the retail stores going because of all of the online purchasing and such," said Sosa. "Toys 'R Us, mostly because you see kids have a chance to go in there and play."

"It's a little unsettling for a lot of shoppers because you like to go in and have that tactile experience," said Scott Brown, Raymond James' Chief Economist. "But, online now, you can look at reviews and that's how an increasingly larger percentage of Americans shop now." 

As for when Toys 'R Us locations will shut its doors for the final time, a spokesperson for the chain says that is still to be determined. And that means, mothers who took their children to stores, won't be able to do the same with their grandkids in the future. 

"For them to shut these memories off, you know, it's heartbreaking," said Pynes. "I want to have memories with her, bringing her to Toys 'R Us, letting her pick out toys and things like they did." 

If you have a gift card, spend it as soon as you can. Toys 'R Us is only expected to honor gift cards for another month.

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