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Posted: Mar 20 2018 12:56PM EDT

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Walkabout Aussie Bakery Cafe

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  • At Walkabout Aussie Bakery Café, it may feel like you’re halfway around the world, instead of in Tampa. Located at 927 South Howard Avenue, this little shop transports you to the flavors of Australia. 

    Walkabout Aussie Bakery Cafe

  • Imagine Museum, devoted to works made out of glass, is opening in St. Petersburg, and promises to take you through the visual history of the artistic medium.

    Imagine Museum opens in St. Pete

  • Steve Noviello has the inside scoop on the free programs Prime members should be using but probably aren’t.

    Save Me Steve: Free Amazon programs

  • Good Day is celebrating the Irish a day earlier. Charley visited Irish 31 in Hyde Park to learn about their PaddyFest 2018 happening starting Friday at 4 p.m. and again on Saturday -- the actual St. Paddy’s Day -- at 11 a.m. Charley will be the Gra

    St. Patrick's Day Events in Tampa

  • Jeff Eakins, the superintendent for Hillsborough County, the largest district in Florida, joined Good Day Tampa Bay to discuss his concerns with the current education budget. He hopes Governor Rick Scott will veto it.

    Hills. Superindent: Revise education budget

  • The Florida State Fairgrounds is preparing for the state’s “Largest Spring Home Show,” promising 900 exhibits. It will be held from March 16 to 18.

    The Home Show

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Charley's World

  • Walkabout Aussie Bakery Cafe serves 'down under' delights in Tampa

  • 'Imagine Museum' offers visual history of studio glass art

  • St. Patrick's Day will keep city of Tampa busy

  • 'Florida Home Show' providing 900 exhibits

One Tank Trips

  • Goat yoga is magical and unwinding

  • One Tank Trip: International Independent Showmans Museum

  • It's 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' at Gaylord Palms

  • One Tank Trip: Behind the Scenes at Amalie Arena

Hometown Heroes

  • 'Spirit' the therapy unicorn spreads joy to those who need it

  • Tampa Bay woman opens up about past eating disorder

  • Thunder and Bolt are therapy pigs with a purpose

  • Mother, daughter help Metropolitan Ministries families during the holidays

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Runners hit the bridge for Skyway 10K

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  • Runners hit the bridge for Skyway 10K

  • "A community brought together by tragedy." FOX 13 Photojournalist Mike Fiol took a photo of faces lit by candlelight at a vigil for victims of the deadly school shooting.

    Thousands attend vigil for victims of South Florida school shooting

  • 'Falcon Heavy' thunders to space

  • Portraits of pint-sized pirates

  • FOX 13 at the Gasparilla kids' parade

  • SpaceX launches top-secret satellite