Girls' Youtube baking show gets attention of UCF football

- When 8-year-old Emi McCoy and her 11-year-old sister Nat started their own YouTube baking show, neither could've guessed the notice they would get or how quickly it would happen.

"Nat and Emi Bake Over the World" features the sisters showing viewers how to baking different treats each week. Their father Nathan shoots and edits the show on his iPad.

They show only has around 60 subscribers. But many more people have heard of the girls because of an unexpected invitation from one the nation's hottest college football programs.

In some ways, it is not that unusual; cute kids on their own cooking show, baking up treats.

Search the internet for videos of kids baking show and you get more than 11-million hits.

But these two young bakers in Orlando have an unusual tale to tell.

Just before the 2017 football season, the girls did a UCF-themed show. They baked pretzels and dipped them in chocolate - making them black and gold.

They never expected UCF would see the video and ask the girls to bake more.

So they put their cookies in the Spectrum Stadium press box for the national media covering the Knight's dream season.

"Having your girls take this up there to see national media and see what they think of the cookies, it was pretty big," Nathan said.

Then when UCF got invited to the Peach Bowl, the team wanted more cookies.

The girls handed out treats to UCF’s entire team as they left for Atlanta.

It was Nat and Emi's dream come true.  

And that is the true story of two budding baking stars whose Youtube show is not quite viral, but has certainly been noticed. Even though it's real purpose is something a little more special – family time.

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