Coleman Middle School principal facing second investigation

- For the second time in 5 months, Coleman Middle School Principal, Michael Hoskinson is under investigation by Tampa Police.

The first time around, the accusations by a family member turned out to be false.  This time, Hoskinson is facing allegations he was physically aggressive toward a middle school student.  Investigators are working to figure out if Hoskinson crossed a line.

"He was kinda standing near the bushes, and he was crying, and he was saying that this girl was gonna choke him," said Coleman 6th Grader, Gabriela Richter.

The incident happened last Wednesday minutes after the bell rang at the end of the day, and in clear view of dozens of students and parents.

"The kid was like this against the bush, and Mr. Hoskinson was holding onto his shoulders like this, like behind him," Coleman 6th Grader, Avery said.

"I saw the kid and Mr. Hoskinson, the Principal, they were just yelling at each other," said Roman Antimori, an 8th Grader at Coleman.

However, the un-identified middle-schooler thought the altercation went too far, calling 911 on his way home to report being attacked by Hoskinson.

“Okay, you’re saying the principal at your school choked you,” the 911 operator asked.

“He grabbed my neck, and he like grabbed my waist and everything, and then he threw me in the bush,” the student tells the dispatcher.  “I don’t know what to do.”

Hoskinson hasn’t been on the campus since the incident.  A district spokesperson tells FOX 13 News he is working off-site while Tampa Police complete the investigation.
Coleman parents were notified about the incident through a robocall Tuesday.

“We will keep you up to date as be obtain additional information from Tampa Police,” the recording says.

Investigators say they’ve interviewed witnesses, but are still working to figure out exactly what happened.
This is the second time Hoskinson has been removed from the school.  Last November Hoskinson and his wife, who is also a Hillsborough County educator, were arrested for child abuse involving a relative.  Those charges were later dropped, and the couple got their jobs back.
This time around, students are coming to the principal’s defense.

“He did the right thing to restrain the kid to make sure, protect other people,” Coleman 8th Grader, Ashton Stringer said.

“I don’t think he hurt the kid,” said Richter.  “I just know that he had to kinda hold him.”

“He wasn’t like pushing him, he was just like holding him in place,” Avery said.  “He wasn’t like throwing him against the bushes, he wasn’t hurting him in any way.”

Hoskinson has not been charged for this incident.

School district officials say they will decide if any action is necessary after the police finish their investigation.

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