Seminole Heights shooting victim laid to rest

He took the wrong bus after work, and never made it home.  Anthony Naiboa, the third victim randomly killed in Seminole Heights was laid to rest Saturday.


Family, friends and strangers united in tragedy.


“Today we should not be here,” said Reverent Matthew Horan from Seminole Heights United Methodist Church.


The pain still raw, as they say their final goodbyes to Anthony Naiboa.


“Whoever did this to Anthony, he thought he killed a nobody, but as you see, Anthony was somebody,” Casimar Naiboa, Anthony’s father said.


The 20-year-old was somebody who loved music, and somebody who loved to learn.  Teachers recall how Anthony was so proud to graduate from high school and earn a diploma with hard work.


“Anthony was a symbol of determination, an inspiration that overcame the greatest obstacles in life,” said Casimar.


Anthony had a mild form of autism, but never let it hold him back.  Family says he was always pushing for something more.


Touching memories were shared during the hour-long service, bringing fresh tears because Anthony should still be here.


“I’m feeling upset, I don’t feel like the same me without my best friend,” friend Corey Tucker said.


But Anthony’s life wasn’t in vain.  The pastor telling everyone in the church to give that life purpose after death, saying we should all live like Anthony.


“You can give it meaning by taking those three words with you everywhere you go, reminding yourself that no matter what befalls you, I got this,” Horan said.


Someone may have ended Anthony’s life, but they didn’t steal his light.  His family vowing to let it shine brighter now more than ever.              


“Anthony will live forever,” said Casimar.


Loved ones also talked a lot about justice.  Demanding the shooter be held responsible for not only ending Anthony’s life, but the lives of Benjamin Mitchell and Monica Hoffa.


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