Sanders stumps for Gillum at USF

- Andrew Gillum turned to the ninth-oldest senator, 77-year-old Bernie Sanders to turn out young voters to the polls this midterm.

Vermont Sen. Sanders held a rally at USF on Wednesday.

"There are 2,900 eligible voters from this university, all of 81 have voted so far. That is pathetic," Sanders told the crowd.

Politico reports voters under 29 account for 17 percent of the electorate, but only the age group only accounts for five percent of votes already cast. 

By contrast, Politico reported while older voters make up about the same proportion of the electorate, they make up 51 percent of votes already cast.

These numbers are why Democrats are so scared.

"If that guy on TV says voter turnout is low, then you will end up with right-wing reactionary leadership," said Sanders.

With his views on universal healthcare and tuition-free public colleges, Sanders is seen as a magic pill in progressive camps. 

He drew huge crowds in his own close race for the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 election, and today, he still has pull with voters.

Nearly a thousand people showed up at for his appearance at USF to campaign for Andrew Gillum, and Gillum wasn't even in attendance.

"Your views and struggles for economic justice, social justice, racial justice, environmental justice, your views don't mean anything unless you participate," Sanders said.

At the end of the rally, Sean Shaw, the Democratic candidate for attorney general led several hundred students to the USF early voting location at the Yeungling Center.

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