Florida red tide


Posted: Aug 06 2018 05:23PM EDT

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What is red tide?

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  • Photos of dead marine life and sludgy canals are flooding many social media users’ feeds.  But so is a lot of misinformation.  Here are the basics about red tide and green algae, based on what experts at Mote Marine Lab and the Florida Fish & Wildl

    What is red tide?

  • Mote’s experts started with a fact-versus-fiction discussion about red tide. They say the bloom is a completely different situation from the green-blue algae that is seen in more southern parts of the state.The green-blue algae is directly linked

    The science of red tide

  • Here's what happened. Lake Okeechobee naturally flowed south into the Everglades. But nearly a hundred years ago, our government built a dike around it to prevent flooding for people who moved near the lake.

    The origins of Florida’s water quality crisis

  • Governor Bob Graham created a system to restore the environment and control the sprawl.  But Governor Rick Scott rode the Tea Party movement into office, which focused on the reducing the reach of government. He said the state was reaching too far in

    State government’s role in creating Florida’s water quality crisis

  • The federal government has failed Florida in a couple of ways. Eighteen years ago, the feds agreed to share costs of Everglades cleanup.  Then federal money dried up during the George W. Bush administration.

    The federal and local governments’ roles in creating Florida’s water quality crisis

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