Arrrr you in need of a boat captain? There's an app for that

Every year, thousands of people celebrate the Gasparilla invasion on the water, but some revelers tend to get a little too intoxicated.

A new app creator is offering a way for Tampa Bay boaters to avoid a DUI while having fun.  ‘Anchor’ is a service that connects boaters with certified captains to do the steering for them.

“Ten years ago, my best friend was killed in a drunk boating accident," explained Anchor creator and CEO Zach Hatraf. "I wanted to provide a solution where people could connect with captains for their boats."

For $50 an hour, boaters can hire one of 75 experienced captains to man their vessel.  

Hatraf said in the near future, he hopes to expand the services on Anchor to provide both a captain and boat for hire, similar to booking an Uber ride.

He plans to launch the Anchor app in March. Customers can currently hire a captain through the website,

For Gasparilla, Anchor has teamed up with Pepin, a Tampa-based beer distributor. They are offering a $50 discount for the first 50 boaters who hire a designated captain for Gasparilla.